New AMD driver release doesn't affect my problem. Also nothing with new patch of Apex which came yesterday. I see my mouse cursor and could move it but cant do more things. I just hold my "power" pc button to force shutdown it.

Also i changed rx XT to my old GTX and it works like a charm with not a single issue, but lower graphics of course. Sometimes I can play for H without problem then suddenly game freeze, se mouse then need to do a hard reset of pc Power buttonthen start computer agian and suddenly the PC just randomly freeze and need to same agian. Or just the screen get black and need to restart manualy agian. Using new setup and for now evrything on default settings and still get problems I have this problem too.

Exact same problem, instead i have the which is the exact same card essentially but the XT is better binned and overclocked.

5700XT black screens

Please someone at EA take notice, its super frustrating when the game crashes every mins. July - last edited July. I have the same problems too. After playing 1 or a few games, the game would just freeze my pc and it would play the sound of the game over and over again until i press the power button. Also, ive noticed that whenever i open up youtube while playing apex, the video would start glitching right before apex is about to freeze.

Same with task manager and discord.

RX 5700 XT Black Screens When Gaming

Accurate description of the issue. I have identical probelems which seem to only be limited to Apex in my case. The other game I happen to play BF5 works without issues. Especially about the part about other apps starting to glitch on a second monitor before the crash is spot on to what I experience. This widget could not be displayed. Help us improve Answers HQ!

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5700 xt random black screen

Sold and Shipped by Newegg. An innovative thermal system effectively keeps the card cool while customizable RGB lighting lets you play in unique style. Your gaming experience will be sensory like never before. The 1. Choose the mode that fits you. Silent mode ensures quiet gaming while OC mode pushes the limit of your card!

MOS provides superior power efficiency and better performance while high-polymer capacitors offer excellent reliability. Red Devil is armed with stronger components.

The five copper heatpipes ensure the efficiency of spreading the heat to the heatsink. To celebrate the new Red Devil branding as well the introduction for the first time of RGB, PowerColor is having a special limited-edition RX XT Red Devil, with an entire new cooling solution to bring the best of Navi GPU as well a more neutral use of colors that will match any gaming rig color scheme.

Not only that, Red Devil has RGB lighting both on the side and on the back of the card for awesome tweaks. Plenty of juice for anyone to push the limits of what's capable on a card. The vertical design and increased array of aluminum fins improves the spreading of heat dramatically.

With such massive array of fins, the copper heat pipes can collect the heat and dissipate it efficiently. No flashlight needed when plugging in the output! LED illuminated ports will easily lead you to the outputs you are looking for. Radeon Image Sharpening RIS is a contrast-adaptive sharpening algorithm designed to intelligently enhance details to deliver crisp-looking visuals with minimal performance impact.

FidelityFX is a collection of high-quality post-process effects that automatically collapse multiple effects into fewer shader passes to reduce overhead and free up your GPU for the visceral experience you demand. Cons: - these fans are loud when you crank em up lol, but they do the job and honestly my case fans are a bit louder - it draws a lotta power think radeon software shows mine hitting like w sometimes but i'm having no trouble with it while using a w psu.

Overall Review: I like it, would purchase again if I was picking another xt. Pros: -there have been 1 or 2 good days where i never had an issue, and the card performed amazing, but thats 1 or 2 out of almost 30 days. Even tried installing the old drivers people said worked, and still had issues. Overall Review: -As of now i wouldnt recommend getting any xt as far as i can tell the drivers for the AMD cards are complete garbage and still havent been fixed.

I put my old nvidia into this computer and as it did in my old one, i havent had any issues whatsoever other than having to lower graphics settings for certain games of course. But in the end i Bit the bullet myself, lets hope i have better luck with the next one. Overall Review: If your just an average gamer who doesnt know much about computers and just wants a powerful graphics card then this is the product.

Works like a beast while also being quiet.As I planned and was beginning to run our next big graphics card benchmark test, I felt I had to shift gears to discuss AMD's driver woes after a recent poll we ran on the community. Typically we like to give both AMD and Nvidia a few months to iron out bugs when releasing a new GPU series, especially when they're based on a new or mostly new architecture, as was the case with Turing and Navi.

I should preface this by saying we haven't run into any major issues after countless hours of testing new Radeon GPUs in our labs. Around months ago I ran into the black screen bug once.

The fix was to hard reboot until it prompted me to load Windows into safe-mode. I was able to load back into Windows 10 normally, clean installed the driver, and after that I never saw the issue again. Not as big of a nuissance, a reboot fixed that every time. Though he's been running extensive game tests spanning several hours that cover pretty much every quality setting in games, and not a single hiccup in all that testing. For the first few months I coupled the Radeon with a Core iKand then recently moved to Threadripper with the X and a fresh install of Windows 10, no issues as yet.

AMD has publicly acknowledged these bugs as "known issues" in their Some Radeon RX series graphics users may intermittently experience a black screen while gaming or on desktop. A potential temporary workaround is disabling hardware acceleration in applications running in the background such as web browsers or Discord. An intermittent black screen or loss of display may occur when performing parallel actions such as web browsing, gaming or watching video.

An intermittent black screen or loss of display may occur when the system is left idle at desktop.

5700 xt random black screen

Meanwhile, in the latest They also say: "A black screen may occur when performing a mode change with a limited number of displays on Radeon RX series graphics products. In other words, several months after launch, AMD is still working on fixing the black screen bug.

As we understand, if the situation has improved a lot, it still persists for some users. Because we haven't experienced these issues ourselves, we've been unable to troubleshoot them on our own. One educated guess is this stems from a hardware compatibility issue which is more and more likely based on the data and feedback we received from our recent poll. Another possibility is that a lot of these problems could be caused by bad driver installs.

5700XT black screens

Over the years we've run into numerous issues with AMD, and sometimes Nvidia drivers, after updates. The solution is always to reboot into safe-mode, remove all display driversthen load back into Windows and install the driver package from scratch. In order for them to detect bugs they need a large user base submitting crash reports.

Back in the good old days when AMD had superior graphics tech it was let down by drivers. Popular titles such as League of Legends were well known to play poorly with Radeon GPUs, suffering from stuttering and poor performance relative to the Nvidia competition.

Radeon XT battle article incoming! For AMD to charge comparable prices, they have to offer a similar or superior experience than Nvidia, and right now they're failing at that. It seems many of you agree as we dive into our Amazon sales data. Basically whenever competing AMD and Nvidia products come in at a similar cost per frame, readers always seem to favor Nvidia.

Worst case scenario, having someone buy a RX series graphics card only to get fed up with issues months later and sell or return it for a GeForce product is devastating for the company and the user. No doubt, it'll be very hard for that customer to buy a Radeon on the next upgrade cycle. Rather than launching more Navi-based GPUs, AMD should have taken a step back and addressed the problems with the RX series before pushing out more products that rely on the same buggy drivers.

Long term, it seems quite clear that rushing out these products before fixing major bugs will do more harm than good.Discussion in ' Graphics Cards ' started by Jon3syJan 19, Log in or Sign up. Overclockers UK Forums. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More.

Tags: xt amd black help screens warranty. Show only OP. Jan 22, at PM The latest Adrenalin driver Maybe worth a try since they mention that some black screen issues have been fixed. I just found out that turning my monitors off and back on again gets me the screen back. It's annoying, but it's a hell of a lot better than hard booting the PC. I haven't read every post here but what PSU are you using?

And how many pcie cables are you using to power the card? Jan 23, at PM Replaced both my DisplayPort cables with high spec ones and the screen goes black on one and freezes on the other. Jan 24, at PM Jan 25, at PM Jan 30, at PM Updated First post with more info. Feb 1, at AM Just an idea. If not done so already. Update your bios and download the latest chipset drivers for your motherboard. Feb 1, at PM Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

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Why I Returned My AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT: Driver Issues, Crashes Low Performance FFXIV Shadowbringers

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After system reboot it works fine. Is this a known issue or i should go to warranty service? Dec 5, 1, 6, I am taking that your signature is the build you are referring to. Do you only have one stick of RAM installed?

Sep 30, 8 6. All drivers have been updated to the newest ones. I have 2x8 gb sticks. Well i have reinstalled the drivers with DDU but thats about it.Discussion in ' Graphics Cards ' started by Jon3syJan 19, Log in or Sign up. Overclockers UK Forums. This site uses cookies.

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Tags: xt amd black help screens warranty. Show only OP. Jan 19, at PM 1. So as title says i brought a XT months For the most part been a good card every now and again get black screens i keep hearing sound for a while then stops and i have turn PC off from back or holding power down for ages this stopped if i auto undervolt the card.

Last edited: Feb 4, Jan 19, at PM 2. I would recommend you get a quality display port cable that is either 1. Seen a load of problems with cr p cables. Overclockers do one for about a tenner. I would also check your temps with something like hardware info to make sure not only is your gpu chip is running cool but also your gpu ram and vrms. Jan 19, at PM 3. My nephew had a similar issue, he had enabled enhanced free sync in Radeon Adrenaline.

5700 xt random black screen

Turning that off solved the issue. May not help, but worth a try. Jan 19, at PM 4. Temps all fine using msi rivatuner never go over 80c the goy core itself is around 60c and I did buy new cable not long ago but cheaper one from ocuk hmm I'm going back a driver now and touch wood In bios I had no crashes at all so DDU now going older driver. Jan 19, at PM 5.

Theres loads of people getting Black Screens with the latest drivers, as they're broken, give the last 19 set a try, the Jan 19, at PM 6. Jan 21, at PM 7. Jan 21, at PM 8.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Braiven View Profile View Posts. Programs which are using hardware acceleration Steam, VLC, Discord, Browser are forcing my graphics driver to crash as well when the feature is activatet. I have the craphics card 3 months now and AMD doesn't moved a finger to fix the issue with driver updates so far Most often I have to restart my completely PC because the black screen doesnt goes away anymore.

EDIT: Fixed my most issues so far with this: 1. Go into your main Windows again and install the driver Last edited by Braiven ; 8 Jan am. Showing 1 - 15 of 76 comments. It's definitely AMD's awful drivers. Last edited by Palmtree Panic ; 30 Dec, am. Which driver? I have rx and rx both are pretty much stable all the time. I rolled back to Game crashed even faster than with the RX with And I only have one GPU in my pc. Your programs might use the first one in default and it can't handle the job.

So you should find out the setting to force all job use external one. I only crash if I make the slightest changes to the card's tuning. Originally posted by Dreamcast :. Originally posted by The Ashman Cometh :. Originally posted by Braiven :. Artoras View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Artoras ; 30 Dec, pm.

Originally posted by Artoras :. Last edited by Braiven ; 31 Dec, am. Capybarasan View Profile View Posts. I feel for you. I had these exact same issues a few months ago but now, on The only thing I can suggest is make sure you have your monitors manufacturer drivers installed instead of Microsofts.

Otherwise you just need to wait for an update. Well you could also try cleanly reinstall the latest drivers. First of all get a program called DDU and unpack in a folder somewhere.