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DIY Bluetooth Headphones

CSR 4. JDY Bluetooth 3. Product Description. The RRD Bluetooth module is a multi-functional wireless audio transmission product. It is a cost-effective stereo wireless transmission solution. The module uses the QCC chip to provide high-quality sound quality and compatibility for the module, and the overall performance is superior.

Application areas:. The module is mainly used for short-distance music transmission, and can be conveniently connected with Bluetooth devices of digital products such as notebook computers, mobile phones, PDAs, etc.

Applicable in Bluetooth audio. Bluetooth stereo headset, hands-free phone. Wireless transmission audio equipment. It is a cost-effective and cost-effective stereo wireless transmission solution. Second, the application area:.Bluetooth is among the most widely accepted ways for two devices to communicate with each other. Every phone, tablet, and laptop comes with Bluetooth built in, as do several peripherals. So with a little do-it-yourself DIY tinkering, you can do some wonderful things with this technology.

For any project in this list, you will need to know the basics of DIY electronics Beginner's Electronics: 10 Skills You Need to Know Many of us have never even touched a soldering iron - but making things can incredibly rewarding.

Here's ten of the most basic DIY electronics skills to help you get started. Read More and have the necessary tools at hand. Some projects require specialized tools, as noted. And of course, always remember to take all the necessary safety precautions before you begin. The basic project you need to master is setting up Bluetooth on an Arduino microcontroller, and making it talk to another Arduino board wirelessly. Here's what you need to know.

Read More as master and slave. To begin, start with his basic tutorial where he teaches you how to remote control an LED light on the slave Arduino via the master Arduino. Then move on to the more advanced project, where the slave gauges the temperature outside and sends the signal to the master inside, which in turn displays the reading on a screen. Learning the basics of setting up Bluetooth on two Arduino devices will open up a slew of possibilities for you, from beginner Arduino projects 15 Great Arduino Projects for Beginners Interested in Arduino projects but not sure where to begin?

These beginner projects will teach you how to get started. This might be the easiest and most useful project to start with. With an Arduino board, a few wires, and an LCD screen, you can type text on your phone and display it on the screen. This project requires no soldering or any advanced skills, you will only be connecting cables to parts.

Now is the time to learn DIY electronics, and these are our top recommended resources for doing just that. Read More. If they're breaking too quickly, here's why and what you can do to prolong their lifespan. This cool DIY tutorial shows you how to turn them into wireless headphones by adding a Bluetooth, while also giving you a new plug to connect a standard 3.

In the project, you will be taking apart the headphones and the receiver, and then soldering them together.Just say the needed temperature, control your home with voice or Android! This is a hand-wired mechanical keyboard. I am sharing you my one of the coolest project Spider Robot using Arduino Uno Foam boa, rds and the motion is controlled by bluetooth. This is a low-cost location-based method of managing contact tracing in places where other methods may be unusable. KureBasArm is a robotic arm that can movable from mobile phone manually or by sensors from your phone.

You can record and play your movement. This article shows how you can build a mobile application that connects to your RPi 3 using Bluetooth Low Energy. All code is JavaScript. This project shows how you can build a car which can be controlled by your smartphone using an android application via Bluetooth.

A smartwatch with fall and location detection, reminders and more, designed to help you or your loved one with Alzheimer's! The communication between the cell phone and the Arduino BT board is wireless.

Additional devices can be connected into the system. Log in Sign up. Floor Cleaning Robot. Quadruped Robot. Arduino Attacks Android. In this tutorial discuss about the changing the name of Bluetooth module HC - 05 to any name. Shranav Palakurthi. Spider Robot using Arduino and CardBoards.

Windows Remote Arduino. KureBas Robotics. Upload Sketch Arduino over Bluetooth using Android.You could get an excellent Bluetooth keyboard controller from Adafruit called Bluefruit EZ-Key which allowed super easy creation of projects that sent keyboard presses for example a gamepad just by connecting some switches to the pins. After an evening of trying, I decided to give up on that.

Throw me a comment if you have that working! This package ought to contain:. Sounds a too good deal to be true? The keyboard has a solid metal backplate that is easily screwed open with micro cross head screwdriver.

diy bluetooth module

Taking the tape off and turning the board around reveals a bit spacious, but very professional looking PCB with clear markings. Time to dig out my trusty Picotech scope and do some old-fashioned reverse engineering! I connected the board to USB power so I would have GND levels aligned, that way I could ditch the ground connection from the probe and use just the sharp tip.

The battery was in good shape giving out around 4 volts. The board is most likely a 3. Turning around the PCB gives a nice access to the connector pins using my probe:. I initially thought there was maybe some transmission protocol coming from the keyboard, but then in occurred to me that this would most likely be too complicated.

If you would like to wire for example six buttons to a microcontroller, you usually would set six pins as inputs with a pullup resistor, then wire each pin to a button that is connected to ground on the other end.

Now take a look again at the connector panel:. Here is for example C1 being set to GND:.

diy bluetooth module

Row pins R0-R7 are by default high, but once I pressed arrow right wired between R0 and C1 as this example will show on the bluetooth keyboard, you can see R0 going down.

After some initial changes most likely there is some interrupt routine conserving power when no keys are pressed the pattern will match the pattern output to C1 pin — as no other keys are held down, the R0 is basically connected to C1. Now that we know the logic, the procedure is simple:. You can do step one with an oscilloscope, multimeter or even just LED and resistor in series. By the way: the charging LED was annoyingly bright so I used a black marker on that one in order not to go blind while debugging!

Word of caution: Be very careful not to short two Cx pins, as the MCU is driving voltage in them, you may damage or even cripple your relatively cheap board that way!The Bluno Beetle Bluetooth 4. This fantastic little XBee Shield is perfect for connecting your Arduino projects to XBee, to control swarms of busy electronics from a central hive.

This OBD2 Bluetooth ELM Module is a wireless onboard diagnostics tool that plugs into vehicles and offers real time wireless diagnostics and tinkering. This little red Bluetooth BEE Module is a compact modular expansion for Arduino projects, that adds Bluetooth capabilities to almost any application. A super simple serial communication tool, allows you to make your serial connections wireless!

This nifty little USB Bluetooth 4. The AT Bluetooth Module with breakout board offers ultra-low power consumption, effective wireless communications and versatile compatibility. Compatible with HM Firmware for more advanced functionality. Bluetooth There are 17 products. Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items. Show: Quick view. Add to Wishlist. Add to Compare. R 1, R Bluno Beetle V1.

NRF Bluetooth 4. Tags 3D Printing Electronics 1. Delivery Terms and conditions of use About us Secure payment Our stores.Why spend the money on an expensive speaker when you can make your own DIY Bluetooth speaker? Building your own DIY speaker box is a weekend project that allows you to dabble in technology. It also gives you the chance to be creative without going broke on the supplies.

There are many plans for building a DIY Bluetooth speaker. You may need to know a bit about technology so you can connect the pieces, but many plans include a materials list and easy-to-follow instructions. Use the following plans to learn how to make Bluetooth speaker. You may also like to see: diy charging stations. The Nsiway chip is used as an amplifier to deliver a high-quality sound.

HC-05 Bluetooth Module – Tutorial, Arduino Interface

Another idea is to build a battery-powered DIY Bluetooth speaker with two rechargeable battery banks. With both battery banks, you can use the speaker for 42 hours at 50 percent volume on a single charge. The speaker itself includes a volume knob, handle and rubber feet. When learning how to make Bluetooth speakeryou need parts such as a Bluetooth receiver, TDA amplifier, 3.

You can give it a stylish, colorful look by investing in a 3D printed case. The best thing about a DIY Bluetooth speaker is you can break away from the same shape and design. One idea is a speaker that stands up vertically and features colorful LED lights.

The other parts include a touch sensor, power adapter, PVC pipe, wooden plyboard, cylindrical wooden block and frosted acrylic cylinder lamp shades. Your portable Bluetooth speaker features an LED light, charge monitor, storage space and two USB sockets for charging your mobile devices. The parts include a full range speaker, stereo amplifier module and micro USB battery charging module, and the tools include a mini handsaw, hot glue gun and masking tape.

Your handheld Bluetooth speaker features a Bluetooth 2. It may be a small, simple speaker, but it offers an incredible sound. This amazing boombox Bluetooth speaker does more than just amplify your music. The Bluetooth speaker is made out of a pelican-like case for style and durability, as well as a Bluetooth module, amplifier modules and LiPo batteries.

diy bluetooth module

Your DIY speaker offers a Bluetooth 3. A DIY Bluetooth speaker kit makes it easier to gather your supplies. The kit includes everything you need for your DIY Bluetooth speaker, such as a tweeter, woofer, acoustic stuffing, drivers and gaskets. You need to buy the lumber and wood glue separately. You have the option of painting the lumber to add a splash of color to your speaker.

DIY Bluetooth Keyboard Breakout for $10

You can learn how to make Bluetooth speaker using tips from Gowanus Audio. They offer a list of parts needed for this project, such as a speaker cabinet port tube, adapter power supply and Bluetooth amplifier boards. You also need supplies such as solder, a soldering iron, wood glue and adhesive foam strips.Bluetooth Communication is a 2. It is one of the most popular and most frequently used low range communication for data transfer, audio systems, handsfree, computer peripherals etc.

But in all those projects, I have not discussed a lot about the Bluetooth Module, except for what is required to get the project done.

If you take a look around the electronics DIY and hobbyists community, HC Bluetooth Module is the device of choice for implementing Bluetooth Communication based projects. Such Modules come as surface mount board and several third-party manufacturers use these board to build a more complete system with necessary pins and components. The following image shows one such HC Bluetooth Sub Module the green board mounted on the blue board being used as a part of a complete Bluetooth Module.

In my case, the board uses the UART communication. Image below shows the pins and other components on a typical HC Bluetooth Module.

An important point to remember is the HC Bluetooth Module works on a logic level of 3. Hence, a 3. This part of the Module is not discussed in this project. When the module is not paired, the LED blinks or flashes repeatedly. Once the module is paired, the LED blinks at a constant delay of 2 seconds. In Command Mode, you can communicate with the Bluetooth module through AT Commands for configuring various settings and parameters of the Module like get the firmware information, change UART Baud Rate, change module name, set it as either Master or slave etc.

An important point about HC Module is that it can be configured as Master or Slave in a communication pair. In order to select either of the modes, you need to activate the Command Mode and sent appropriate AT Commands. Coming to the Data Mode, in this mode, the module is used for communicating with other Bluetooth device i. The following is a list of few of the default settings of the HC Bluetooth Module.

The aim of this circuit is to connect the Bluetooth Module with Arduino, Pair the Bluetooth Module with an Android Phone, send data from Android Phone to the Bluetooth Module using a simple App, read the data from Bluetooth Module through Arduino and finally, display the data and control a device based on the data. Following image shows the circuit diagram of the connection between Arduino Mega and HC At the time of developing this project, this particular Bluetooth Controller App is no longer available in the Play Store.

diy bluetooth module

But I like its simplicity and ease of use. Make the connections and power on the Bluetooth Module. Once the Bluetooth Module is paired with your phone, you can start using the App. Open the Bluetooth Controller App and click on scan. A list of Bluetooth Devices will appear on the screen.

Select HC Now, select Set Keys option in the app and enter the following information:. After entering this information, save it by clicking on OK. Your email address will not be published. Table of Contents. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.