Latest Trade. Today's Range. Key Developments. Key Metrics. All Listings. The Company's activities are divided into two operating segments: Marfrig Beef and Keystone.

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The Marfrig Beef segment is responsible for the slaughter, manufacture, distribution, import, export and marketing of beef and lamb meat. Contact Info. Executive Leadership. Marcos Antonio Molina dos Santos. Chairman of the Board. Miguel Gularte. Tang David. Heraldo Geres. Rodrigo Marcal Filho. Member of the Executive Board, Director. New Stories. Brazilian meatpacker Marfrig Global Foods has signed a settlement with labor prosecutors to improve protections for workers amid outbreaks of COVID cases in Brazilian meat plants, labor prosecutors said in a statement on Monday.

The board of Brazilian meatpacker Marfrig Global Foods SA approved on Tuesday the creation of a new joint venture with Archer Daniels Midland Co to sell vegetable-based products to retail and food service clients.

Marfrig Global Foods has resumed sales of fresh beef from Brazil to the United States amid supply disruptions in the U. Brazilian meatpacker Marfrig Global Foods SA said on Monday a change in Argentina's tax legislation concerning export levies would not have an impact on its results. Brazilian food processor Marfrig Global Foods SA on Monday will launch a global brand of plant-based meat products, according to a statement sent to Reuters on Sunday.

Burger King will launch a plant-based burger imitating meat called the "Rebel Whopper" in Brazil in November, the company said on Tuesday, amid an international rush for mass-market chains to cater to vegetarian and vegan diners. Reporting by Ana Mano; Editing by Quote and financial data from Refinitiv.

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marfrig eu

Latest Trade Marfrig, which has worked over the years to reduce the environmental impacts of its activities, reaffirms its commitment to sustainable development. To ensure compliance with its cattle sourcing criteria, Marfrig has developed a Supplier Monitoring Platform.

Through the platform, the company uses satellite-based georeferencing and geomonitoring system to monitor the production areas and socio-environmental information of all its suppliers, while rigorously applying all the criteria of its cattle sourcing policy. To consumers, Marfrig meat is synonymous with quality and the company works hard to keep it that way. Part of the Group's philosophy is to track and guarantee the origin of its products and ensure that the process is free of social or environmental transgressions, such as work conditions analogous to slavery, child labor practices and deforestation.

Marfrig maintains rigorous quality controls and is committed to remaining at the forefront in animal welfare practices and has the certifications attesting to this.

This line was especially created to meet the preparation needs of daily meals with the same quality and unique flavours pleasing the most demanding palates. Learn more about the brand on the hotsite, Instagram, Facebook and social networks. A line with barbecue special cuts, with succulence, softness and unique flavor. The products are submitted to the strictest standards of quality of Marfrig Beef, which includes monitoring from the creation to the cutting of meat in the supermarket to ensure the best barbecue.

Beef and lamb gourmet line combining attributes to cast a spell on most demanding palates. It has whole cuts, fractions and steaks, cooled and frozen, to consume either on a daily base, or in barbecues and special recipes.

The renowned Bassi brand brings to the market the line of lamb cuts raised in Patagonia, Chile. Considered one of the noblest meats, it is soft, juicy and has great nutritional value. Wagyu beef cuts are known for the marbled fat that gives unique softness and flavor.

marfrig eu

This line takes restaurants secrets to the house table. A Line created especially to serve the food service with Bassi brand products. It brings together main beef cuts with super-premium quality aimed at culinary art establishments that wish to offer high levelled food to their customers.

Bassi Stars has the attributes to conquer the most demanding palates. Beef cut line developed for superior yield and portioning for forging partnerships with professional clients. Line of natural chew bones, rawhide, cartilage and premium high-protein treats for dogs. The products are made from nutritious, high-quality ingredients that are certified by Brazilian authorities Federal Inspection Service - SIF.

The products are made in accordance with the same standards for processing foods for human consumption. Home and industrial cleaning products, including soap bars, soap paste, soap bases and alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Basket Downloads Download Files. Investor Relations. Home Marfrig Group Brands.Bond from Brazilian company divides market as focus turns to meat production. Sign up for a free, no-strings trial to Responsible Investor.

Does this difference in labelling explain away the accusations of greenwashing, then? Investors have been calling for fixed-income to move beyond green bonds and into a more integrated mainstream approach for years.

And Marfrig is sticking its head above the parapet by acknowledging the need to tackle deforestation. And that appears to be the crux of the problem. Green bond champion AXA has its own idea of what a transition bond should look like, and has issued guidelines outlining its expectations from issuers, and the Canadian government has been asked to support such an asset class to kick-start an industrial shift in its resource-heavy economy.

There have been a couple of energy-focused transition bonds in the market before, but experts are nervous about the potential for getting it wrong, and damaging the reputation of green finance. But responsible investors are demanding more.

And other potential issuers will need to sit up and take note if they want to avoid getting it wrong. Oct 8th, Oct 7th, Oct 5th, Sep 29th, Share :.

Search in articles. Most recent articles. Oct 8th, FREE. Most viewed articles. Sep 29th, FREE.This is the first Brazilian meat producer to join the list of nearly 1, members with Science Based Targets, an international initiative which helps companies to set targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Marfrig said. The move is in part a reaction to demands from investors, said sustainability chief for Marfrig, Paulo Pires.

The announcement comes as Brazil's government is facing increasing criticism over its environmental policy. The Brazilian beef industry has also found itself in the crosshairs of environmentalists, with deforested land in the Amazon usually used to raise cattle. Earlier this year, the advocacy group Climate Observatory predicted that Brazil could produce 10 to 20 per cent more climate-warming gases in due to deforestation and farming.

Marfrig said the company also wants to reduce by 35 per cent its indirect emissions, those coming from suppliers, by The meat producer is promoting partnerships to encourage ranchers to use genetic improvement, increased productivity and cut slaughter time — which reduces the emissions of methane gas from cattle, among other initiatives, Pires said.

In July, the company launched a program to have per cent of the production chain free from deforestation over the next 10 years. By the end of the year, the company plans to launch a low-carbon meat, with emissions compensations coming from crop-livestock integration, Pires said.

Skip Navigation Jump to Main.The meat we supply is in compliance with all the organic requirements.

Brazil's Marfrig plans 43% reduction in direct emissions by 2035, executive says

The animals are bred their whole lives over organic pastures, where the use of herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, growth promoting hormones or anti-biotics is forbidden. Any use of sanitary products is for healing purposes, not preventive, and the use of genetically modified animal feed products is strictly prohibited.

As of the yearMarfrig Uruguay Organic Beef come from a group of certified livestock farmers, which guarantees the compliance with the regulations. The Certifying Authority controls the farmers, in addition to the internal control systems performed by a team of specialized technicians from Marfrig Uruguay.

This means a thorough knowledge about its source of origin, as well as the evolution, sanitary, feeding and slaughter conditions all along.

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Aiming to ensure the food safety and to certify the production processes along the line, this system allows the identification of each beef cut with as much detail within the production sequence as it is deemed necessary. As ofUruguay has an individual mandatory individual cattle traceabilty system. Animal Welfare stands for the care for the safety and the humane treatment for animals.

In andDr. Temple Grandin, expert in animal science, visited the facilities of Marfrig Uruguay in order to evaluate the progress and evolution of its Animal Welfare program. The results of the visit of Dr. Grandin were very positive. With a silo of 16 thousand tons capacity and a water reservoir of 14 million liters, this unit can hold up to 20 thousand cattle heads simultaneously.

Furthermore, it has definite potential to generate special products for high-value market segments. Our beef comes from heifers and steers less than 30 months of age which have only been fed a diet of concentrates for at least the last days before slaughter. All of our four processing plants are allowed to export to the EU. Angus beef is preferred worldwide because of its natural marbling, tenderness, flavor and juiciness.

The Certified Tacuarembo Angus Beef has all these features due to a strict animal selection and state-of-art practices of handling and processing. Login Login.Archer Daniels Midland Co. The two companies have already been working together to produce plant-based meat substitutes for the South American market. Archer Daniels will provide technical expertise and plant-based ingredients, flavors and systems from a specialty protein plan in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, and its network of U.

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Marfrig and ADM launch plant-based joint venture

Archer Daniels and Brazil's Marfrig set up plant-based food joint venture Published: May 27, at a. ET By Ciara Linnane. Barron's: Forget Economic Stimulus. Ciara Linnane. Ciara Linnane is MarketWatch's investing- and corporate-news editor.

Archer Daniels and Brazil's Marfrig set up plant-based food joint venture

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Advanced Search Submit entry for keyword results. No results found.National Beef has a slaughtering capacity of 12, heads of cattle per day and is headquartered in Kansas City. National Beef is one of the most profitable beef companies in the United States. Leucadia and the other investors have agreed not to sell their shares in National Beef for at least five years. With the acquisition of National Beef, Marfrig achieves two key objectives outlined in its strategic plan.

A leader in the U. With the acquisition, this ratio decreases to 3. The transaction will be financed by a loan from Rabobank. This sale together with the National Beef transaction, should help Marfrig to achieve its goal of reaching a leverage ratio of 2.

The Board of Managers of National Beef will consist of nine members, of which five will be nominated by Marfrig, two by Leucadia and two by the other minority members. Joseph, Missouri. Employing around 8, people, the company processes and markets fresh beef, beef- and pork-based ready-to-eat meals, beef by-products and leather in the domestic and international markets.

It has held equity interest in National Beef for 15 years. Highlights News Videos.