Eurgh totally in the same boat. Mine are just niggly pains but not like achy period pain. I also feel really anxious like nervous in my tummy. Boobs only slightly sore when pressed.

strong cramps 11dpo

It's so weird. I feel weird. These aren't normal pains, or are they? Or am I making myself feel them? Wonder what's going to happen xxxxx Trying for baby number 1[emoji]. I took a clear blue test thismorning 11dpo and bfn. When are you due on? Xxx Trying for baby number 1[emoji].

Sorry just realised you said Friday Maybe there's still hope for us yet babe. Who knows xxx Trying for baby number 1[emoji]. Friday Sent from my iPhone using Netmums mobile app. Let's try not to test again till sunday xxxx Trying for baby number 1[emoji]. X Sent from my iPhone using Netmums mobile app. Still really cranky but they're like weird aches. I just can't describe them How are you? Xx Trying for baby number 1[emoji]. Feeling a bit dizzy today on and off.

But bits of twinges in stomach ache. But nothing special. Aches where? Sent from my iPhone using Netmums mobile app. Aches like period pains!?!?!? But they arent as strong. Not sure how to describe them. They seem to have disappeared this morning but may reappear later, I will keep you posted. I've been BBT charting too and my temp is still elevated but hasn't increased so i guess I'm just waiting for a dip and AF to start Dizzy [emoji24] hope that's a sign babe!!!

It that strong and back ache but I did 3 hours of Zumba last night so might be that. Ughhh I feel so deflated. Still having pains but no AF to speak of Only been temping because I thought i didn't ovulate so wanted to keep an eye on it [emoji23] its only a pain for me at the weekends because I love a lay in [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Xxx Trying for baby number 1[emoji]. Close menu.

Am I pregnant?

strong cramps 11dpo

Toddlers years Tween and teens. Baby activities homepage Baby massage Baby sign language Preschool activities Preschool sports Stay and play. Parties homepage Entertainers Face painting Halls for hire Party venues.BFN 11dpo. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hCG is the hormone that pregnancy tests can identify. AF came three days early last month so I'm either due in 6 days or 9 days for AF.

At 10 DPO, you may feel mild or dull cramps. I remember to have gas pains along with a feeling of bloating during 3 DPO. They stopped a few hrs later, and now I'm wondering if it could be contributed to implantation??

Strong cramps 11dpo

My cycle started April 2nd, and I ovulated on April 17th. CD15 - Cramps, Sore breasts. I'm scouring the threads looking for wee glimmers of hope for this month I was due AF today day 28 in cycle, 14 dpo but no show.

Does anyone know what this is? Cramps are also a sign of incoming monthly menstrual cycle, and some don't realize that it's already a symptom of 7 dpo symptom. Not even the usual pre flow browny stuff. I have tested 2 days before af due and got bfn and still been pg. I can't work me out either. You should experience the least amount of cramps during the second trimester. Stay away from decongestants and allergy medicines. Checks cervix, med softness and would normally be really firm this late in the cycle.

The likelihood of being pregnant increases if the mucus is more like a lotion and in high amounts. But didn't eventuate to anything. I didn't have alot of symptoms. If you think you may be pregnant as early as 9 days past ovulation, keep the faith until it is time to take a pregnancy test to determine for sure if it is in fact pregnancy causing these bodily changes. Cramps are common and normal during pregnancy.We strive to provide you with a high quality community experience.

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I started having period like cramps Saturday night 9DPO and last night they were so bad that I had trouble sleeping. I still have cramps off and on with barely any CM normally have right before AF. I normally cramp right before AF hours before and then have cramps during for the first day or so. I have never had cramps for almost two days with no fluid.

11 days past ovulation

Could this be implantation cramps? Am I out this month or is there still a chance? Could be!

11 and 12 DPO TTC Baby #1 and uterus pain!

I usually have cramps the day b4 AF It could happen I used Clear Blue advanced OPK tests and my peak fertility was exactly two weeks ago, so I should have ovulated days after from prior exp monitoring. Cramps have gotten better but still there. I will keep you posted. Good luck to you! I hope we both don't have to see the witch this week! Same boat here too I've been cramping and bloated since 7dpo when I had some very light pink spotting. I've been testing and got my hopes up yesterday when I could've sworn I had a bfp, but this morning's tests were negative.

I don't know what to think. I'm very fatigued and a little nauseas after I eat sometimes. I had a headache for two days.I am waiving between being convinced AF is on way. But they can also be a result of an infection, allergic reaction, or chronic condition. However, this is when your round ligament—a muscle that supports the uterus—will begin to stretch. Your body begins producing it at the moment of implantation.

It's weird. You may also have cramps and pain in your low back and stomach below your belly button. That was about 14 or 15 DPO when the cramps started. You should experience the least amount of cramps during the second trimester. Some women track their ovulation by looking out for physical symptoms or using Cramps. I'm trying to stop reading something into everything, but it never works.

Women should talk with a doctor about their specific symptoms.

10-11DPO cramping but BFN - has anyone got a BFP after this????

Ovulation was particularly 'strong' this cycle, cramps and EWCM abundant. I've been ttc since Increased Bloating 5. Joined: Feb 17, Messages: Likes Received: 0. Uterine cramps are the body's reaction to implantation of a fertilized egg, which is a foreign body for your uterus. I work in a grocery store hand drawing signage for the store and it made me sick to my stomach and weak in my knees whenever I had to go downstairs and be in the store.

Baby dust. So been googling, most common day for implantation is 9 dpo, hcg may not start rising till 10 dpo, takes hours to double so even the most sensitive tests super drug or frer may not show a feint line till 12dpo. There cramps feel weird and when I press my tummy I dont feel sore. The cramps have subsided a little now. So far no cramps.

Like others, this feeling comes with disappointment and frustration because it gives thoughts of uncertainty.

As the uterus continues to grow larger, abdominal cramps can also occur later in pregnancy. My husband was worried too and he could tell something was wrong. Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by krystal27, May 8, Says: July 23, at pm. Every month seems different for me. I never get this before…usually some light cramps but the day I get my AF all my pre- period symptoms drop, no pain no bloating, considerable decrease in breast pain.

I'm 11 dpo.I took a cheapie test on 10 dop and the line didnt come up straight away so i threw it away I got it out of the bin a few hours later and there is a faint pink line there now not sure if its evap line Today im 12 dpo and god my tummy is tender and sore from all the pain yesterday i feel bloated and gassy and my ovaries are very very tender.

I had cramps on and off since 4dpiui, on 4dpiui night, I started very mild cramps, then got quite intensive, it spread through to the legs, but only lasted for about half an hour.

Since then, i had on and off mild cramps. Wondering whats going on with me, its my first round of clomid, so thought possible some sort of after effect from the drugs or injections. Its way too early for the implantation. But i remember you are having drug free iui, right? So why you getting such a bad cramps. Hopefully it results of a bfp in the end, so know at least worth all the pain you've suffered.

Keep me posted on how you getting on, I will let you know mine as well. Havent had a chance to get another test as had a friend here all weekend so im at colege tomorrow im gonna pop out and try to get one! It must be right because i am whispering my BFP big fat positive pregnancy test!!!! Im literally in tears when I read this. I know its still early stage, so will just say 'whispering congratulations' and pray for you its a sticky bean.

You know its only couple of months I've been on this group, but feel like I know you girls for age, we've been through all these ups and downs together, the memory is just so special for me, sorry im a bit emotional atm. Ok, Let me know how you get on. I cry all the time when watching movies, dh dear husband often laughs at me. I still dont think i will get lucky this month though, had cramps too early starting from 3dpiuihad strong reactions from the drugs and injections, so think something related to those.

Will see next week. I am new to this group and am on my tww Having af like cramping, but not too sure if I am reading too much into!! This inactive post may not receive community feedback. We recommend you begin a new post. Add a comment This field is required. This product is displayed based on comments within this post. Please flag if you think our product match is incorrect. IUI - Intrauterine Insemination. Today im 12 dpo and god my tummy is tender and sore from all the pain yesterday i feel bloated and gassy and my ovaries are very very tender does anyone have any idead what is going on or had similar symptoms????

Comments from original poster 3 Comments from original poster 3. Load more. I have no idea but fingers crossed its not just an evap line. Sounds horrible, hun. Hehe, i hope the emotional is a good sign, although I do get quite emotional generally anyway. Hey All! This thread is napping.

In Reply to FunMoonMoon x. Activity Badge.Report Abuse. Contact Us. Diabetes Type 1 Type 2 Prevention. Trending Coronavirus. By subscribing, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Trying to conceive Community. Cramping DPO rbohl I ovulated 6 days ago. I am now experiencing cramping. Sometimes mild, and sometimes a little strong. It started today. Did anyone else experience this and if so did anyone get a positive pregnancy test after that?

I have heard that it can be cramping do to implantation.

Read 21 Responses. Follow - 0. I marked that I felt crampy during my two week wait! Most things started for me around 4dpo. I was dizzy, I got slight crampy twinges and blood tinged CM. I'm thinking it was my implantation day.

Thats what I am hoping it was. I had started feeling cramping at 3dpo and everyone kept telling me I was crazy. Good luck and SSBD it is very possible!!! Yup that is definitely what the cramping was. Congrats to you. I think i got my implantation days. Yesterday pinkish discharge. Got up twice in sleep to urinate and had this strong pain to urinate. But it ws not much urine. Keeping fingers crossed.

Goodluck everyone. Hi all. I just joined today.Beckynjarodttc over a year ago. Amiblue over a year ago. Guest over a year ago. Couldn't find what you looking for? New Reply Follow New Topic.

Cramping 5-6 DPO

Beckynjarodttc over a year ago I've been ttc since Did progesterone clomid and ovidril IUI was done 4 dpo I felt slight cramping for about 8 hrs off and on hot flashes and a little pink when i wiped but only a lil once. Amiblue over a year ago Yes, I did. It was incredibly strong for me. I had bad nausea, cramping that left me not wanting to move and like I wanted to faint.

I went to the doctor and he sent me to the hospital right then to be checked out for an etopic. Thankfully it wasn't and it only lasted that day. I didn't have any bleeding associated with it. Beckynjarodttc over a year ago oh raerae I pray to god your right. Ill let you know in 5 days gatta go for a blood draw on fri.

Question, do you think I should do an at home test see i read that you can get a result days after implantation but i dont wanna do it early and brake my heart like every other month for the last 3 years. Dust to all. Beckynjarodttc over a year ago amiblue thanks for your reply. Its funny you say you felt like you were gunna faint cause a few times I got real weird feeling like fainting and dizzy just thought maybe I was looing into it to much.

Ive had a tubal i'll never forget that pain. Beckynjarodttc over a year ago Im sappose to see af on wednesday the 3rd so OOOH my like 2 days.

I've been google searchin my butt off this last week about implantation and IUI cant figure out if when they do an IUI with the Ovidril were the egg is when they inject the sperm. I wanna say the ovidril makes the egg drop to the end of the tube anything you know would be great. I would get first response or E.

T get the ones that say "pregnant" or "not pregnant" sometimes the line ones arent as accurate. Beckynjarodttc over a year ago Raerae so I bought a pg test bfn 11dpo is it to early i really hope so Ive red that 12 dpo was early. WHAT have I done. Im driving myself crazy Im having alot of syptoms. Guest over a year ago So I know that you definitely know whether or not your pregnant by now, but I am in a similar situation.

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strong cramps 11dpo